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How to delete a keys in memcached with regex (using Dalli+Rails)

  def expire_all

Not working with memcached. Any Ideas?

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Memcached isn't able to iterate over its keys, so regexp expiration won't work. See the docs.

Take a look at this for a potential workaround, though it's labor intensive.

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install gem dalli-store-extensions https://github.com/defconomicron/dalli-store-extensions

In the Sweeper

expire_fragment /#{Regexp.escape(restaurant.id)}\/stocks*/
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dalli-store-extensions uses a local memory cache, so it can get out of synch between app instances. (i think that's the issue). see my question here stackoverflow.com/questions/11998762/… –  John Bachir Aug 17 '12 at 1:43
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