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I have a weird problem here. When I start an Emulator, it starts up after sometime but it is not shown in the Android Device Chooser(some times it is shown). Has anyone encountered this situation before?

Here is a screen shot of the situation. As you can see, one emulator is running on port 5554 (GingerBreadGoogleAPI), but the Device Chooser shows no emulator or device is connected. The cmd ./adb devices does not list any device. I am running Linux 3 kernel on Kubuntu OS with 2GB RAM.

One solution (which I do) is to simply start another emulator. But I dont want a solution for the problem, instead I want to know why this is happening.

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Perhaps not everything is up to date. Maybe you should check the SDK Manager to make sure. –  Corey Ogburn May 25 '12 at 5:58
Well i did not install anything more than the SDK platform and Google APIs in the SDK manager. But im not sure if that would cause a problem. Strangely this problem does not show up always, sometimes everything is butter-like smooth. –  gkris May 25 '12 at 6:02
This one has the screenshot how to restart adb from UI stackoverflow.com/a/19348083/422842 –  f01 Feb 6 at 3:44
@Prem: the accepted answer works fine! –  gkris Feb 6 at 10:17

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It is happening sometimes; I am also facing this issue.

I am always trying kill-server & start-server

You can find ADB under SDK_Folder/platform-tools

First do

./adb kill-server


./adb start-server

and check

./adb devices
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You can try Reset ADB also From DDMS>Devices. –  Yog Guru Dec 27 '12 at 9:34

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