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I need help with vba concatenate cells.

I have a spread sheet: column A contain values like Product A for a few rows, Product B for a few rows, and so on. I want to concatenate, say cells in columns B-J for Product A, write the value to column K or another sheet, then do the same thing with Product B, and so on till the end of the spreadsheet.

I think this would need some vba coding which I am learning but not good yet to do the job. Please help!

Thank you, cj

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Your question Title mentions Criteria. Can you explain what do you mean by that? – Siddharth Rout May 25 '12 at 13:50

I think this would need some vba coding

No you don't need vba for this :)

Put this formula in K1 and drag it down

=B1&" "&C1&" "&D1&" "&E1&" "&F1&" "&G1&" "&H1&" "&I1&" "&J1

This will concatenate the data with SPACE as a delimiter. If you do not want space then amend the above formula to


Similarly if you want to concatenate with COMMA as a delimiter then use this

=B1&", "&C1&", "&D1&", "&E1&", "&F1&", "&G1&", "&H1&", "&I1&", "&J1

and so on...

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I read it as you want everything in a single column into another cell. This is a routine that will take all the data from the cell you specify, and concatenate everything going down until there is a break in the data

Option Explicit

Function ColConc(CellRef As Range, Delimiter As String)

Dim LoopVar As Long
Dim StartRow As Long
Dim EndRow As Long
Dim Concat As String
Dim Col As Long

Col = CellRef.column
StartRow = CellRef.Row
EndRow = CellRef.End(xlDown).Row

Concat = ""

For LoopVar = StartRow To EndRow
    Concat = Concat & Cells(LoopVar, Col).Value
    If LoopVar <> EndRow Then Concat = Concat & Delimiter
Next LoopVar

ColConc = Concat
End Function

call by using the formula =ColConc(A2," ") and this will get everything from cell A2, down to the end of that column, with a space as the delimiter.
The delimiter can be any string, so you can place anything between the data. A blank cell ends the data it uses for concatenating into a single string.
It will only work on the current sheet - more coding would be needed to get that part working

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