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Hopefully a simple one...

I want to add the following inside a Joomla (v2.5.4) menu link along with the link text:

<i class="icon-book"></i>

Like this:

 <a href="page-name.html"><i class="icon-book"></i> Library</a>

I have tried putting the above tag inside the menu title as html, but joomla won't hold/save it and strips it out.

Any help/ideas?


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You mean : {<li><a href="page-name.html"><i class="icon-book">Library</i></a></li>} ??? So you want to make it italic with some style ? –  HamZa May 25 '12 at 8:02

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Joomla won't allow any tag's in the menu title, even HTML encoded (i.e. & lt; etc). To do it the way you're wanting to you would have to use a third-party menu system that support it - there are lots around that do, you can have a look at Menu Systems section of the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Otherwise, in Joomla! you can use the parameters in "Link type Options" panel.

In this case you can assign a class to the <a> tag by putting aCSSClass in the "Link CSS Style" parameter. Then your <a> tag will render as <a class="aCSSClass" href=...

Then you can define the class in your templates CSS file and do what you want.

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