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I have working sample which produce the list of html elements with the given href. But I need only first one and speed is important, how to optimize this code?

import lxml.html
input = """<div class="post" style="height: 36px; ">
some div text 
<a href="http://site.com/" target="_blank">Look here</a>, 
some div text also </div>
root = lxml.html.fromstring(input)
el = root.xpath("//*[@href='http://site.com/']")[0]
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You could use an index in your xpath expression: (//*[@href='http://site.com/'])[1]

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The only way to be sure it really is faster is to measure, measure, measure. The timeit module can help.

Back to your problem, how about this?

text = root.xpath('//*[@href='http://site.com/'][1]/text()')
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