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I'd like to get the current URL of the page I'm on and not the one that's being loaded within a FancyBox modal with PHP.

$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] gives me the URL of the page that's being loaded within the FancyBox modal.


While I'm a a.php, I'd like to click a link that opens a modal window with b.php loaded and to have a PHP code within b.php to say that I'm from a.php, not from b.php (which now happens).

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You can't use PHP. You need to use javascript. In b.php:

<script type="text/javascript">

    var parentURL = window.parent.location.href


If you really need the know the URL of a.php in your PHP code, consider passing it as GET parameter when opening b.php page. So, in a.php your link to b.php will be something as:

<?php $myURL = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ?>

<a href="b.php?parent=<?php echo urlencode($myURL) ?>">Open B</a>

And then, in b.php:

$parentURL = $_GET['parent'];
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Perfect, thanks so much! – Lee May 25 '12 at 7:39

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