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<a href="http://the-page-i-want-to-jump" 
target="_blank"> <%= image_tag ("banner_bb_en.png", :alt => "",
:style => "width:100%;") %> </a>

It's a my server-side code. When I click the image in a blackberry webview, it jumps to new page inside webview. But I'd like to change this to jump with opening a new native webbrowser which associated to default browser.(I shouldn't modify the client code, now)
Is it possible?

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isn't this a general mobile (security) setting ? –  HamZa May 25 '12 at 9:00

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With some options, javascript popups can do it! But in server side, i don't think PHP can be that.

look at popups : http://www.blazonry.com/javascript/windows.php

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