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In my application I have blocked incoming calls, so it’s getting redirected to configured voicemail.

As soon as caller place a voicemail, I received a notification message on the device saying “You have new voicemail” and it generates beep.

I would like to disable this beep through my application as soon as device receives voicemail received notification message.

Is there any broadcast or event provided by android?

How can I accomplish this?

My application is built on android version 2.2.

Thank in advance.

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Unfortunately, there is not. Starting in API level 14 (Android 4.0+) they added a broadcast intent of new voicemail messages, but this would only be applicable for devices running Android with an API level of 14 and above.


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is it possible on android 4.4? –  Anuj Kumar Jha Feb 11 at 13:03
@Anuj Not that I know of. –  Camille Sévigny Feb 12 at 12:37
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