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How I can use the :before and :after pseudo-element selectors following the syntax of Sass or, alternatively, SCSS? Like this:

  margin: 2em auto
  > a
    color: red
    content: ""
    content: "* * *"

Of course, the above fails.

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@cimmanon Actually, the question "Sass .scss: Nesting and multiple classes?" is duplicated, because it was asked after a month of this one – Marco Godínez Feb 11 at 1:19
Age is not how we determine duplicates. The other question is a more general version of this question, which is why it was closed as a duplicate. – cimmanon Feb 11 at 1:22
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Use ampersand to specify the parent selector.

SCSS syntax:

p {
    margin: 2em auto;

    > a {
        color: red;

    &:before {
        content: "";

    &:after {
        content: "* * *";
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