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I receive a message from a remote device, but the string always have some sort of characters, which makes my string invalid. for instance, say I get the message hello, it would be displayed with either heart, club, spade, or smiley face in front of the text. This messes with the operations that need to be done with that string. How can I get rid of the non ASCII characters in a string?

I don't know if I am looking at this totally wrong?

I need to get rid of that little image in front of the text.

Below I have posted an example on how the text looks before printing to the consoole, which shows a club before the text hello.


Another thing I have just noted now is that when copying this value while debugging, it just gives the value "hello". So why in my list when debugging do I see "|hello"?

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You need to remember the console is not using the default string enconding (utf-16) and therefor doesnt desplay the string correctly in all the cases.
The first question you need to ask is what the remote device returns to you when you work against it; what are the expected results and what each of them represents. There's probably a reason for the extra characters, whatever they are, you are receiving.
Of course, its impossible to tell exactly if theres also any problem with the remote device, and it sends non correct strings, since you didnt provide any ifromation about it, the way you communicatre with it, the technology it uses, etc.

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