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For internationalizing my app I need to be able to dynamically access entries in a YAML file.

It is best explained with an example:


layout: default
title: title_homepage

This will then allow access to the title_homepage variable in the Default Layout Template:

Default Layout:

page.title = "title_homepage"

Now normally I would access my _config.yml file like this:

{{ site.locales[site.default_locale].variable }}

However, now for this to work, I need to access the _config.yml with the value of page.title. This will not work:

{{ site.locales[site.default_locale].page.title }}

I need the following (pseudo code):

{{ site.locales[site.default_locale].#{value of page.title}}
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With the way your vars are set, it would be something alog the lines of

{{ site.locales[site.default_locale][page.title] }}

The thing is, ... I don't really see the point of doing this. Let's say your page is the english page. The locale should then be defined within the page, and so should your title!

locale: en
title: My Wonderful Page

Which you can retrieve with {{ page.title }} ...

What could be the point of putting the title into the _config.yml file?

(edit) well unless you want to access page.title when in another page/post, in this case you have no choice but to put it into _config.yml.

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You rock. This works. I didn't know you could access the array like that with the page.title variable. I can now define the locale once in the _config.yml file. Then, on each page i can set a custom title, it will check my config.yml with the locale for the translation, then use that as title. epic. –  Hendrik May 28 '12 at 21:06

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