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How do I print the following dictionary into a csv file:

maxDict = {'test1': ('alpha', 2), 'test2': ('gamma', 2)} 

So, that the output CSV looks as follows:

test1, test2
alpha, gamma
2, 2

p.s. I have asked this question before but not sure how to rearrange it in another way, i.e. tranposed.

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You should be aware that the order of keys in a dict is implementation-defined, i.e. random. Therefore, it's advisable to sort them. Other than that, simply using the csv module should work:

import csv
maxDict = {'test1': ('alpha', 2), 'test2': ('gamma', 2)} 
keys = sorted(maxDict.keys())
csvw = csv.writer(open('output.csv', 'wb'))
data = [maxDict[k] for k in keys]
for row in zip(*data):
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