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I am trying to use fql/places api to query places near to my current location. I am not sure what does page id mean in the following query. The query works fine and returns expected result. However if i dont use page id I get an error.

https://api.facebook.com/method/fql.query?   query=SELECT+name%2Cdescription%2Cgeometry%2Clatitude%2Clongitude%2Ccheckin_count%2Cdisplay_subtext+FROM+place+WHERE+page_id%3D110506962309835&access_token=...

Following result was returned

Facebook Palo Alto We’re building a web where the default is social. Point -122.15198690595 37.4163458217 37.4163458217 -122.15198690595 657486 Corporate Office・158,101 were here
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See this answer for more information on how to find YOUR location.

What you did was to look for location information associated with a specific Facebook Page (in this case Facebook HQ).

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