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I need to create a tool in javascript in order to ease the creation of "

What I need is this :

1) Click on the button "create a new link" > a popup appears containing a text input like this :

" please name the link you want to create (e.g : Link to Google) "

2) Click on OK makes a second popup appear with a second input :

" please insert the URL you want to link (e.g : www.google.fr) "

I'm pretty sure this kind of javascript has existed for many years but I can't find the source of such a code. Any one got the answer ?

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What did you try? –  Amberlamps May 25 '12 at 8:51
window.prompt('please name the link you want to create');​​ window.prompt('please insert the URL you want to link'); happy coding :) –  Yoshi May 25 '12 at 8:53

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function createNewLink(){
  var title = prmpt('please name the link you want to create (e.g : Link to Google)');
  var href = prompt('please insert the URL you want to link (e.g : www.google.fr) ');
  document.write('<a href="'+href+'">'+title+'</a>');
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