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I want to let users edit a field with double data in Grails view. I want to allow Double.NaN (to void values).

There is a special char looking like a diamond with a question mark in it (in HTML) that acts like NaN, but - well - the users wont find that on their keys.

In Java it works with Double.valueOf("NaN"). But typing NaN in the input field will throw a IllegalArgumentException saying "NaN" is an Unparseable Number.

What method is callled for conversion? Whats the key to let it autoconvert to a double?

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Please, PLEASE don't use "special values" in fields to signify non-standard events. You almost never have to nowadays. Stefan's answer below will work, or use a checkbox to signify "Clear this field". –  Bill James May 27 '12 at 21:33

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If you use Double instead of double in the domain class or command object, and use nullable:true in the constraints ´null´ acts as 'no data' value.

If you really want to stick to NaN, you have to register a custom propertyeditor, see http://ishanf.tumblr.com/post/434379583/custom-property-editor-for-grails.

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