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In my application I have designed layouts for resolution 600x1024 and placed them in the layout-large folder.

When I run the app on Samsung Galaxy Tab it picks up layouts from the layout-large folder and the UI looks fine.

But for Samsung Note too it picks up layouts from the layout-large folder and the UI does not look good.

Is there any way I can create an exceptional case for Samsung Note, and tell android not to use layouts from layout-large folder if the device is Samsung Note and instead use layouts from some other folder for this particular device???

I have also designed layouts for resolution 800x1280 and placed them in the layout-xlarge folder. But even though Samsung Note has resolution 800x1280 it does not use layouts from this folder!!

I came across new size qualifiers here http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html#DeclaringTabletLayouts but could not use this approach as my application's minimum sdk version is 2.3 (API level 9)

I have to support Samsung Note for my application and need a solution for this on priority, please help... Thanks in advance!

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//check your density of your phone and create an layout and place your xml file there.

for medium density which is 160dpi


for high density which is 240dpi


for xhigh density which is 320dpi

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thanks a lot for the solution! – Zeba May 25 '12 at 12:54

Yes. you can create a special folder for samsung galaxy note as following:


which means smallest width is 800 dp. So gaalxy note falls in this category, but your 1024*600 tablet does not.

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Thanks for the reply @Tim. The layout-sw800dp folders are supported for Android SDK version3.2 and above. I'm using minimum SDK version 2.3, hence I could not make use of this solution. – Zeba May 25 '12 at 11:31
@Zeba you can use a compatability package. – Timuçin May 25 '12 at 12:18

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