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I successfully migrate my page from YUI2 to YUI3 and while upgrading I was using the dynamic library loading of YUI3 only including yui-min.js and using YUI().use(...) , but now I want to delete the local YUI2 JS's and add YUI3 locally.

I created a Global Variable var Y = YUI().use('*',function(Y){}); and changed the yui-min.js to yui-core-min.js and added the libs that I want to use and it works well changing Y instead YUI().

Y.use('datatable','datasource', function(Y){
    fcTable = new Y.DataTable(...);

but I want to know if I can only call the Y.use(...) the first time and only work with the Global Y variable like:

    fcTable = new Y.DataTable(...);

I think it may make the loading a litle faster, It is recomended?

Thanks 4 your time ;)

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Because use() for modules that aren't currently on the page is an asynchronous operation, you're setting up a race condition. Ignoring that, it is possible, yes.


will make Y.DataTable globally available when the module resolves and is attached. The only trouble is that you can't guarantee when that will be. This is the reason for the use() callback.

If all the module dependencies are already on the page statically (in a <script>), use() will be synchronous, which would allow

var table = new Y.DataTable({ … });

But if you're including the module scripts on the page and calling use('*'), then there's no need to explicitly call Y.use('datatable') later, since * attaches everything.

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Hi luke thanks for answering, I declare all import of the <script>'s from yui webpage, and declared var ´Y =YUI().use('*');` but when delete the Y.use('datatable'); and try to declare the var table = new Y.DataTable({ … }); throws the error TypeError: undefined is not a function Im using the core lib that didnt download sources and with Y.use() works well, and I can do var dialog = new Y.Panel({ contentBox : Y.Node.create('<div id="dialog" />'), without Y.use(...), Its a litle werid. – Barceyken May 29 '12 at 7:34
Are you compiling your static <script> includes from ? (see,javascript,live) – Luke May 30 '12 at 6:15
I looked at my <script>'s includes and got all of your example + more, but still didn't work :(, I inspected the Y vble on firebug and see a lot of Objects inside it but no DataTable, What means that the dynamic="false" on the DataTable function() ? – Barceyken May 30 '12 at 11:06
Hi luke, Changing the var Y for var YOO, I don't know why :S but looks working :D, migrate seems complete I'll add now the YUI3 build locally and continue working with YUI3, I starting like it ^^ DataTables + DD works very well. Thanks for your help. – Barceyken May 31 '12 at 7:14

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