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I am very new to the security testing of web applications.I want to test some web applications for security testing.So i have gone through the attacks like SOL-injection, XSS ,CSRF etc. Now i am into the some tools where i am stuck right now. So i need some advice here , should i use automated tools or do it manually the security testing.Any suggestions on how should i go for security testing and becoming an expert in this area.

Currently i am using some tools like Paros and zaproxy for finding vulnerabilities.But these are all at the basic level i want to go deeper int this area.

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You should use a combination of automated tools (which can cover off simpler vulnerability assessments very quickly) and manual testing (which is much more time consuming, but allows you to make intelligent dicisions about how to identify issues)

Have you looked yet at Metasploit? It is not necessarily the best tool to learn with, but can carry out a wide range of attacks. You can look at the scripted attacks to understand more how each one works.

In terms of specific guidance, the tests you must carry out are those listed in the OWASP top ten as these are the most common attacks of web applications.

Becoming an expert in this area is a very long process, and even then it is such a wide field that you will really only be able to focus on one or two areas to become an 'expert' in.

I have been in the infosec industry for over 16 years, and I would say that while I have a great deal of experience in infrastructure, Unix and wireless security testing, and have tested web applications in the past, it changes so fast that these days I let my team members who specialise in this area carry out the work. Nowadays I focus on strategy and architecture, as well as governance and compliance.

A good first start would be to visit Security.stackexchange.com, where we have a wide range of questions and answers on this exact topic, and some very knowledgeable professionals who are active members of the community.

I would also recommend getting involved with OWASP or having a look at ISACA, IISP, SANS, CREST and other respected bodies.

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Not so sure about Metasploit (in previous answer) - I dont think thats as good at detecting web application vulnerabilities, but more knowledgeable people may correct me.

Automated tools are well worth using, but will only find a subset of the potential issues - you will need to do manual testing to have a chance of finding all possible issues.

Have a look at the OWASP Testing Guide and the OWASP Web Application Security Testing Cheat Sheet.

You can use ZAP for manual testing as well as automated testing - many professional pentesters do :)

Simon (ZAP Project Lead)

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Use Burp Suite (Pro if you want scanning) or ZAP. Metasploit does not have an web vulnerability scanning or functionality. There are some free scanners you can try too like w3af, grendlescan, nikto, etc. Burp suite is the best too for manual analysis.

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