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IntelliJ IDEA has a nice litte feature which allows to create unique LOG IDs for your log output.

It is simply used by typing Alt-Enter and then choose Add-LogID.

But I did it again. A slip of a finger and instead of Add-LogID I clicked Disable. Now the feature gone. Disappeared. Can't find it any more.

Does anybody know how to re-enable the it?

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IntelliJ IDEA doesn't provide such intention out of the box, most likely you are using the third-party Log Support plug-in. Double check that it's still installed and enabled, then turn on this intention:

enter image description here

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“intention” — Ahh, once you know what to look for it becomes all easy. For a German “alt-enter” = “Intension” was not apparent hence I looked at the wrong places and used the wrong search box. Thanks for the help. –  Martin May 27 '12 at 16:30

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