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(main problem in bold)

I'm testing LVL in my app for first time. After reading carefully the dev guide http://developer.android.com/guide/market/licensing/index.html, I implement the default sample (ServerManagedPolicy) with few changes and uploaded as a draft to my developer account. The fist time I ran my app I could see it was verifying the license (it delayed few secons and indeterminate progress showing). The callback was LICENSED. Perfect up to here.

But then I changed test response (in Edit Profile in my developer account) and next times I ran it, inmediately shows LICENSED without conecting and checking, like if it was reading from caché

I made a long reserach in forums but I couldn't find a solution. More info: I'm testing in a physical device and which has 2 google accounts (the developer one and other).

Probably if there is a way to clear this cache or I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas?

Thank you.

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Another way is to use StrictPolicy for testing the results of the license check, so that no license results are cached.

Just replace the line:

mChecker = new LicenseChecker( this, new ServerManagedPolicy( this,
  new AESObfuscator( SALT, getPackageName(), deviceId ) ), BASE64_PUBLIC_KEY );


mChecker = new LicenseChecker( this, new StrictPolicy(), BASE64_PUBLIC_KEY );
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Thanks, finally I added my other account for testing and response changed properly. –  jbc25 Jun 19 '12 at 16:19

Changing the salt should help to refresh a license response.

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I would never have figured this out! Thanks! –  l33t May 12 '13 at 9:32

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