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I am trying get a full page plot of a world map on a A4 landscape PDF. When I use the following

pdf("temp.pdf", paper="a4r")
map("world", mar = rep(0,4))

I get

enter image description here

I can not seem to get the plot to fill the page. Any tips?

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pdf("temp.pdf", paper="a4r",width=0,height=0)

which looks odd but works, and is mentioned in the docs. It gives me a world map that fills the page left-right, but not top-bottom because it is keeping the aspect ratio.

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great. many thanks. –  gjabel May 25 '12 at 11:28

You could extract coordinates:

coord <- map.poly(database="world", regions=".", exact=FALSE,
        xlim=NULL, ylim=NULL, boundary=TRUE, interior=TRUE, fill=FALSE,

and then plot whatever you want with coord$x and coord$y.

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