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I need to get automatically login to website from my windows application. I am doing it with HttpWebRequest but what i want is to

  1. Click on the button in my application.
  2. Open the Index page (page after getting login)

Reason : I don't want to enter user name and pasword, i just want to click button and any browser(default browser) open with index page (page after login)

Normal Example :

  1. I open a link " http://mail.yahoo.com " it shows me a page asking my email address and password.
  2. I enter the email id and password and press Login.
  3. It redirects me to my Mail box page.

What to Do ?

  1. click on the button
  2. Automatically send my email id or user name and password to the website
  3. Open my Mail box page.

Hint :

  1. get cookie from HttpWebRequest.
  2. set it to the browser.
  3. Open browser and pass the credentials to login automatcially

can anyone help me?

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You need to work on writing more clear questions and improve your acceptance rate. –  Blam May 25 '12 at 13:38

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I dont think you can solve this in a generic way.
What usually happens in such scenarios is that the form within the web page is submited to web server, the web server reads the user name / password values from the form and authenticates the user against the underlying user managment repository.
You can write such a solution for specific sites, by analzying with a sniffer the posted form in the authentication pages, and then creating such an http message yourself and sending it to the relevant site.

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i have to do for a specific website, and i am getting the cookie with HttpWebRequest what i want is to open any browser, set that cookie to the browser and open the logined page. –  Azeem Akram May 25 '12 at 9:58

I also need to solve the same issue, and the problem is hint point 2 in your list. ie. how to set a cookie in a browser, without limiting yourself to using a specific broswer. The conclusion I am coming to, is that I need to use a standard 'Single Sign-On' logic, where we update the web-server to use short term tokens such as mentioned here... http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms972971.aspx

In this case the steps would be something like:
1. In app - Logon with HttpWebRequest.
2. Get short-term token (the link suggests validity lifetime of just 2 seconds)
3. Open browser with url http://MyWebsite>/SignNn?token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4. Next I need to confirm if the SignOn process can return cookies correctly.

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