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I'm trying to use OpenSesame on android. Therefore i included the opensesame-onejar in my project.

When running the project, a exception is thrown: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax.imageio.spi.ServiceRegistry thrown in the info.aduna.lang.service.ServiceRegistry.(ServiceRegistry.java:37).

In my Code it appears, when I want to add a rdf-file: con.add(file, baseURI, RDFFormat.NTRIPLES);

I'm creating my repository as follows: Repository myRepository = new SailRepository(new MemoryStore()); myRepository.initialize(); RepositoryConnection con = myRepository.getConnection();

Can you explain how I should rewrite the ServiceRegistry?


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Looks like the Java Image I/O API, which is used by Sesame and part of the Sun/Oracle Java JDK since 1.4, is not available on Android's JVM.

Not sure how to solve this. Perhaps not using the onejar, but just the individual jars that you actually need, might solve the problem.

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