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I have WPF application which using Postgresql as Database engine. I want to install Postgresql engine and restore/attach application-Db to it.

The application's users are non-technical people and they can not install Postgresql individually.

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The application's users are non-technical people and they can not install Postgresql individually.

then try this , silently install PostgreSQL, we are using the similar code in our software deployment

C:\Installer\postgresql-9.0.2-1-windows.exe  --serverport 5432 --servicename postgres_service --locale C --superaccount Myadmin --superpassword Mypassword --unattendedmodeui minimal --debuglevel 2 --mode unattended 

run this as the bat file , install in the background

  1. postgresql-9.0.2-1-windows.exe

This is your exe

  1. serverport 5432

This is your port number where you want to install Postgres

  1. superaccount Myadmin

You use account name

  1. superpassword Mypassword

Your user password

keep the rest same. This will directly install to c:\Program Files

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Thank you, it worked for me too,just one thing: If i want to install silent postgresql and after that, initdb, create a role and a database and load a backup in the database or script, is possible to do that in a batch file? – Oscar Calderon Apr 23 '13 at 14:52

I presume you want to deploy on Windows, so you can include PostgrSQL in your application installer, you can create an application installer for example with InnoSetup ...

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Here are the details of Postgresql silent install on Windows. Installers can downloaded from here. Once it's installed then you can run your db script off-course.

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Many thanks, the link you provide doesn't include msi files, can you provide link to download msi files> – Behnam May 25 '12 at 11:20
@Behnam download from here whatever version you want – hamad May 25 '12 at 11:25

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