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I have an app published in google play.

My app had no compatibility with some screen size (was not shown to all devices) so i fixed that issue.

Now i would like to publish the fixed app but without require an update for the people that has already installed my app.

Is this possible just without increase the version number and update the fixed APK? Or do i have to do anything else?

If i publish the update, how long will take the new version to be available in the market?

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You CANNOT upload an updated .apk file without incrementing android:versionCode value. Google Play will not allow you to proceed with such upload.

It may take a couple of hours for your update to appear in Google Play.

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You'll have to update the versionCode but the versionName can stay the same.

So while it may be your 2nd time you have uploaded your app, if the version name is the same as before the user will notice no difference

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No, you will get an error, When you are uploading your new apk file in to google play without change versioncode.

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