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I am trying to use the Grails Riak plugin but I don't succeed.

Maybe I didn't get it, but I expect that the plugin let's me store my domain objects in a riak database:

But it seems since there is still a datasource defined, Grails just maps the object to the normal SQL database.

What am I doing wrong? How do I get the plugin to work?


uninstalling the Hibernate plugin seems not to work for Grails 2.0.x. After uninstalling, it seems to be automatically reinstalled.

For Grails 1.3.8, it works, but

grails install-plugin riak

will result in an error while downloading and installing it works:

grails install-plugin

I've now configured my riak to listen on port 8091 (http://localhost:8091/buckets?buckets=true) and when I connect through a browser, I get a reply. But my Grails App complains Connection Refused

Update 2:

It seems that the riak plugin ignores my configuration - if a riak instance is configured for port 9098, the plugin manages to connect and works!

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If you install the Riak plugin you have to uninstall the Hibernate plugin. Otherwise it will get confused as to which datastore you actually want to store data in.

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Thanx! So there is not way to use a hibernate db and riak together? – rdmueller May 25 '12 at 19:47
hm. just uninstalling does not succeed :-( see my updated question. – rdmueller May 26 '12 at 14:37

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