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I am using a package from Biobase : arrayQualityMetrics for creating the plots for visualization of microarray data.

My data is stored in ExpressionSet. one of the column names of the phenoData(ExpressionSet) has name "Tissue" but when i run the following command :

arrayQualityMetrics(ExpressionSet,intgroup = "Tissue")

It gives me an error saying that :

Error in prepdata(expressionset, intgroup = intgroup, do.logtransform = do.logtransform) : 
  all elements of 'intgroup' should match column names of 'pData(expressionset)'.

I dont understand why I ma getting this error although my ExpressionSet contains a column names "Tissue" in its phenoData.

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Have you asked on the Bioconductor mailing list, where there is a higher concentration of knowledgeable people? No subscription required. Remember to cc the packageDescription("arrayQualityMetrics")$Maintainer, use a current version of R and the package, include the output of sessionInfo(), and provide some evidence (e.g., expressionset$Tissue that your data is appropriate. – Martin Morgan May 25 '12 at 12:21
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It's been awhile since you asked this question but this is likely due to arrayQualityMetrics() having to trim down the data frame in your pData() slot to a limited number of fields for display in the metadata table at the beginning of the report.

Try something like:

tmp <- pData(ExpressionSet)
pData(ExpressionSet) <- tmp[,c("Tissue", "SomeOtherInterestingField")] # swap out
pData(ExpressionSet) <- tmp # replace with your original full pData() data frame
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Thanks a lot @James – user1021713 Aug 20 '12 at 10:10

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