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I am trying to generate a fortify report using maven, I have downloaded the plug-in Fortify360, and fortify-plugin-1.0, installed it in my repository and then added the dependencies in my profile, But i am not able to generate a fortify report(.fpr)file of my java source code.Can you please help me with how can i do it??

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Fortify provides source code for maven plugin. You need to build it

Step # 1 Build fortify plugin

Open command prompt

cd %FORTIFY_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY%\HP_FORTIFY\HP_Fortify_SCA_and_Apps_3.90\Samples\advanced\maven-plugin

mvn clean install

After sucessful build fortify plugin will be present into your local repository

Step # 2 Add fortify source code analyzer dependency to your project pom file





Note - Make sure you verify fortify scan plugin version


Step # 3 Create .frp / report file

mvn sca:translate
mvn sca:scan

This will generate fortify scan report file in the target directory

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From where can i download the source code to build? – Sreedhar GS Mar 18 at 15:10

Use maven-sca-plugin, and execute the following command.

mvn sca:scan
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For a single-module project:

mvn clean
mvn sca:clean
mvn install sca:translate
mvn sca:scan
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