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My report works fine in BIRT- it shows some Bar chart graphic. But when I import in some system (IBM maximo) I am getting this error instead of displaying the bar chart:

ReferenceError: "BarSeriesImpl" is not defined. at line 8 of chart script:''

I used this script to show me some values on Bar chart.

importPackage( );
importPackage( );

function afterDataSetFilled(series, dataSet, icsc)

if( series.getClass() == BarSeriesImpl ){

var inv =
var outv =
var canv =

var narray1 = new ArrayList( );
var catArray = new ArrayList();


How to solve this? Does I have to import somehow this class in my system or ..?

Thank you

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I know I'm resurrecting an old question but this just caught my eye because it was similar to another post I answered this week. I think you might be missing org.eclipse.birt.chart.model.type.impl.BarSeriesImp in the systems that you are getting this error message. I think if you add the BIRT runtime jars to the lib path then it should resolve that error.

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