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There is such situation: I need to change in whole DB for all tables fields data type 'timestamp without time zone' to 'timestamp(0) with time zone'

I decide to create function:

  CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION grd_replace_datetime_with_timezone()
  RETURNS character varying AS

  old_column RECORD;  
    s text;

FOR old_column IN (
        isc.table_schema as table_schema,
        isc.table_name as table_name,
        isc.column_name as column_name
        information_schema.columns  isc
        pg_tables pt
            ON (isc.table_schema = pt.schemaname and isc.table_name = pt.tablename)
        isc.column_name like '%date%' and 
        isc.table_schema in ('public') and 
        isc.data_type = 'timestamp without time zone'
        isc.table_name ASC
    RAISE NOTICE 'Schema: %',old_column.table_schema;
    RAISE NOTICE 'Table: %',old_column.table_name;
    RAISE NOTICE 'Column %',old_column.column_name;

    EXECUTE 'ALTER TABLE '||old_column.table_schema||'.'||old_column.table_name||'
                ALTER COLUMN '||old_column.column_name||' TYPE timestamp(0) with time zone';

    RAISE NOTICE '-------------------------------------------------------------------------------';

  COST 100;

But there is problem: some views depends on these columns wich I need to change. and got error:

ERROR:  cannot alter type of a column used by a view or rule

also I got error about indexes.

Any ideas how to change data type for all db fiels where datatype is without time zone?

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To my knowledge, there is no built-in way to auto-change depending views when the datatype changes.

I see two possibilitiese:

  • DROP all depending views before the type change and recreate them afterwards

  • A completely different approach: Dump the database, change the table definition in the dump and restore it. As long as you do that in the same time zone, timestamp without time zone should be coerced to timestamp(0) with time zone correctly.

If you have more than a handful of objects, dump & restore is the way to go. I agree with @wildplasser in the comment there.
You may be interested in this comprehensive related answer on PostgreSQL timestamp handling:

Quick test to verify my claim:

CREATE TEMP TABLE t (id int, x timestamp without time zone);
CREATE TEMP TABLE t1 (id int, x timestamp(0) with time zone);
 (1, '2012-05-25 13:23:03.0123')
,(2, '2012-05-25 23:23:03')
,(3, '2012-05-25 0:0:0');

COPY t TO '/var/lib/postgres/ts_test.sql';
COPY t1 FROM '/var/lib/postgres/ts_test.sql';

SELECT t.x, t.x::timestamp(0) with time zone, t1.x
FROM   t
JOIN   t1 USING (id);

Coercion is done automatically and correctly.

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IMHO dump+edit+restore is the only sane thing to do. Besides views/rules, there are also references that are "invisible" to the schema, such as functions and triggers. And: having separate --schema-only and --data-only dumps, editing is no more than a sed-job. –  wildplasser May 25 '12 at 11:28
@wildplasser: I agree, for more than a hand full of objects, this is the way to go. –  Erwin Brandstetter May 25 '12 at 11:35
Bulk-editing is the DBA's secret talent!/g –  wildplasser May 25 '12 at 11:36
yep, looks dump+replace+restore is best idea. thanks!!! –  marechs May 25 '12 at 12:35

You could try it with pg_dump

first make a dump with --format=plain --schema-only

Change the data-type in the dump file and restore it in a new db.

Than you make a dump with --data-only and restore them in the new db.

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