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I need your help to solve next issue: I am developing MVC application and want to send instant messages between users. This message will ne standard - it's like notification. I am thinking about two optins:

  • use XMPP protocot, but I don't need the huge amount of options it could provide, I need just basic functionality I've discribed;

  • have some static array in MVC application with users invitations were send to and ajax function which will call controller action, check if user is in static list. If yes - make message visible on the page. And plus do page autoupdate. But I am not sure about this becouse array will be called very often.

What do you think, guys? Do you have any ideas? I will be very thankfull for any help!

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You may take a look at SignalR.

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The C# Master has spoken ;) – Doomsknight May 25 '12 at 11:34

Also checkout Jabbr which is built on SignalR:

This is a chat application written by the author of SignalR David Fowler.

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You can set jquery timer to update messages with ajax. And when user writes message , it can be saved in Cache or in database if you want to save it permanently.

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