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I'm trying to figure out how to recieve intents inside the android framework. To be more specific, I want to register myself as a receiver for NFC intents inside the "PasswordUnlockScreen" found under "". The problem is that I'm not inside an activity context.

Is there any way how I can be informed of new NFC intents without having an activity context?

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First of all, to the constructor of PasswordUnlockScreen context parameter is passed. The second option is to use getContext() method to get context. The example you can also find in this file.

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No, you need an Activity context to receive NFC intents. Furthermore, when the screen is locked, NFC is turned off: i.e. no intents will be sent anyway.

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I already patched the NfcService, so it will sent intents even if the screen is locked. So that's not a problem. But there is really no way of recieving intents from outside an activity context? And i can also not dynamically create an activity, right? I have to declare it in the Manifestfile, which is not present in the framework itself. – Robert Buhren May 26 '12 at 10:07

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