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I have the following jQuery code:

        $('span.readMoreReputation').mouseover(function(event) {
        // create a hidefunction on the callback if you want

    function createTooltip(event){          
        $('<div class="tooltip">test</div>').appendTo('body');

    function positionTooltip(event){
        var tPosX = event.pageX - 10;
        var tPosY = event.pageY - 20;
        $('div.tooltip').css({'position': 'absolute', 'top': tPosY, 'left': tPosX});

It works great, but I want to replicate how qtip (jquery plugin) works. At the moment when I move the mouse over the READ MORE text (the event in the code), the appended div follows the mouse around the READ MORE text.

I would like it instead to have it positioned in a fixed position from the READ MORE text.

Any ideas why its doing this?

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I was trying to get something working using the jQuery functions Offset and Position but they wouldn't return anything. Maybe it was just how I had it in jsfiddle? Idk, anyways, here is one approach: http://jsfiddle.net/jMYkS/1/

I add position relative to the span and place the div, positioned absolute inside of it. You can change the right/left and top/bottom values on the div to move it around relative to the span.

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Note: position absolute on the span is not required. I just added that to make sure that adding position relative didn't break anything :) –  bygrace May 25 '12 at 13:10
Yup thats exactly what im trying now. I do think its the best way. Thanks very much :) –  JamesG May 25 '12 at 13:14
Glad it helped. Good luck! –  bygrace May 25 '12 at 13:15

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