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is there a way to get all Audio device names with delphi(D2009) on Vista or Win 7, I managed to get the number of devices, and to get the device PropertyStore using IMMDevice, but I wasnt able to go forward :|

Thanks a lot !

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ask the PropertyStore for the PKEY_DeviceInterface_FriendlyName (look at Windows SDK to get the value)

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I was using this key but I didn't declared it as it should :) This is the right declaration if someone find it helpfull: PKEY_Device_FriendlyName: TPropertyKey = (fmtid: (D1:$a45c254e; D2:$df1c ; D3:$4efd; D4: ($80, $20, $67, $d1, $46, $a8, $50, $e0)); pid: 14); –  Andy Jul 2 '09 at 19:26

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