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I wanted to add a file to the sd card of the android emulator but i receive this error:

Failed to push selection: Read-only file system

What shall I do? I am an Android beginner and still learning how to use the terminal and all that stuff. So please, can someone give me a step-by-step tutorial and not just another link?

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1. be sure to create a sdcard like file. 2. be sure to push into the /sdcard directory – Blackbelt May 25 '12 at 13:05
Possible duplicate of How to create an SD Card image file for the Android emulator?, amongst others. – Chilledrat May 31 '12 at 15:37

This is a tutorial regarding creation of SD Card. While creating the current SD card, you may not have given it write permission. Follow the steps in that tutorial and you will be able to upload image to SD card.


Step1: ...tools>android create avd -n myemulator -t 8

Step2: ...tools>mksdcard -l e 512M mysdcard.img

Step3: ...tools>emulator -avd myemulator -sdcard mysdcard

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Thank you! One more question: can you explain me step one of that tutorial a little more? How do I send that command? Via terminal? What do I have to type in? – user1413437 May 25 '12 at 13:32
search for "mksdcard" in your PC and on the command prompt give that path and start off – Pallavi May 25 '12 at 13:37
How? Please I am a beginner! – user1413437 May 25 '12 at 13:39
When I open up mksdcard it says [Process completed]. But in the end nothing happened.. – user1413437 May 25 '12 at 13:41
you are using windows or linux? – Pallavi May 25 '12 at 13:41

here is the step by step tutorial for "how to push image files into Emulator" i have written.

try and let me know if you get any trouble.

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