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My data set contains a column named IconUri that contains a full HTTP address to an image located on a web server. This data set is bound to a tablix, and I'd like to display the image in a cell.

1) I've tried to drag an image into the cell, but I can't use expressions as the image itself isn't aware of its parent's (the tablix) data set.

2) I've also tried to apply the image as a cell background, and while this certainly displays the image, it repeats it in horizontal and vertical direction, which is undesirable. The cell shall contain only one copy of the image.

3) I've tried to create a rectangle in the cell, but it will scale to the cell itself and thus the same effect as above.

Is there a way in which this might be done? I'm even open to performing some XML hacking if this is what is necessary. Thank you!

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did you get your answer? – bhupendra patel Jun 1 '12 at 8:04
No, I didn't! I solved the problem though by manually editing the XML. Once I did this, it seems to solve everything. – Leonard Jun 8 '12 at 8:33

Use Image and in the image properties set the value to something like this = Code.ConvertTotWebUrl(First(Fields!Logo.Value, "dsOrder"))

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I solved this problem by examining the XML code that the editor created for the image, and I moved the relevant tag inside the tablix cell and assigned the appropriate bindings. When I re-opened the editor again, everything fell into place: the image recognizes the data source and compiling as well as rendering works flawelessly.

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Worked for me too! Thanks! – Lopo Oct 16 '13 at 12:08

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