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I want to apply a patch and include missing files. The new files and patch originate from a branch and want to apply it to my master branch. I'm looking for a one liner, if it exists. I guess I want to merge missing files that are mentioned in patch.

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If I've understood your question correctly, you'd like to merge a branch which has the necessary changes that you expect to a master branch. If that is right, then

checkout master

git checkout master

merge the branch which has your changes to the master

git merge branch_name

If I've mistaken your question, and what you have is only a set of patches like 000x-feature-y.patch, then checkout master, then apply all the patches to it like this

git am /path/to/the/patches/dir/*.patch

If the above doesn't answer your question, please try to make your question clear!


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I only want to patch files from branches latest commit. Will a git merge, merge all updated files. –  madphp May 25 '12 at 15:02
Refer here[1] for a detailed example of merging. [1] quora.com/Git-revision-control/How-does-git-merge-work –  positron May 25 '12 at 15:48

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