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I was just trying things in PowerShell and got an error about call depth being set to 1000 in some test recursive function. I looked on the Internet for some information and found that this is due to error handling in PowerShell (if I got it right):

The recursion depth limit is fixed in version 1. Deep recursion was causing problems in 64-bit mode because of the way exceptions were being processed. It was causing cascading out-of-memory errors. The net result was that we hard-limited the recursion depth on all platforms to help ensure that scripts would be portable to all platforms. - Bruce Payette, co-designer of PowerShell

I found it here.

Also I found this exception page on MSDN that states this limit is configurable (but I didn't find anything about how to do this) - see remarks section here.

How can this limit be set?

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  • In PowerShell V1 the maximum call depth is 100:

Using .NET Reflector, we can see in this snippet from the System.Management.ExecutionContext class code,

internal int IncrementScopeDepth()
    using (IDisposable disposable = tracer.TraceMethod("{0}", new object[] { this.scopeDepth }))
        if (this.CurrentPipelineStopping)
            throw new PipelineStoppedException();
        if (this.scopeDepth > 100)
            ScriptCallDepthException exceptionRecord = new
            ScriptCallDepthException(this.scopeDepth, 100);
            throw exceptionRecord;
        return this.scopeDepth;

that it is not possible to modify the hardcoded 100.

  • In PowerShell V2 the maximum call depth is 1000

Again when looking at the code, there doesn't seem to be a way around the default maximum call depth.

  • In PowerShell V3 (CTP) there doesn't seem to be a maximum call depth (unless you run out of resources of course). This behaviour has been described as a bug on connect, so it might change in the final version.
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Nice work there. So this would mean there is a mistake in the docentation, right? Or did I get it wrong? – jumbo Jun 2 '12 at 18:52
@jumbo Yes, it's a documentation bug, unless I got it wrong. :-) I updated the information with regards to V3 with a reference to a bug filed on connect by Roman Kuzmin. – jon Z Jun 2 '12 at 19:03

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