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I have many Spring Test classes (defined using @RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner)) that I want to group in test suites so that I load new configurations once for every suite instead of for every test class.

Right now I have a TestExecutionListener listener to every Spring test that will reload the configurations, but I want to save that since many tests share the same configurations.

Sadly, niether Spring supports listening to JUnit TestSuites nor JUnit supports the listener concept for TestSuites.

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If you wish to perform actions before/after a junit test suite, you can use @BeforeClass and @AfterClass, or even @ClassRule. You can do your setup in there for the entire suite. Using the following example:

@SuiteClasses({ ExpectedFailureTest.class, RetryTest.class })
public class BeforeClassSuite {
  public static void beforeClass() {

  public static void afterClass() {

  public static ExternalResource resource = new ExternalResource() {
    protected void before() throws Throwable {

    protected void after() {

This produces as output:

... output from tests
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