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I create simple module named "student" , this module generate new entity is "student" and this is my code Download here

but when I add new student , I get an error message like that:

EntityMalformedException: Missing bundle property on entity of type student. in entity_extract_ids() (line 7501 of C:\AppServ\www\drupal-7.12\includes\common.inc).

I look through all of my code but I can't find out some thing, Thank alot!

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This issue - 'Missing bundle property on entity of type file error' - is probably what's causing your problem. A quick check to confirm this is to follow the steps taken in comment #5.

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In my case, the problem was when I tried to save a node of one type with nid of another. I just needed to check if the nid type was actuallly what the type of the node being saved/updated.

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i've got the same problem with module User import. I solved it by this patch to the User import module. I hope this solution can help you.

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The error is thrown by Drupal core common.inc file with the following condition:

  if (!empty($info['entity keys']['bundle'])) {
    // Explicitly fail for malformed entities missing the bundle property.
    if (!isset($entity->{$info['entity keys']['bundle']}) || $entity->{$info['entity keys']['bundle']} === '') {
      throw new EntityMalformedException(t('Missing bundle property on entity of type @entity_type.', array('@entity_type' => $entity_type)));
    $bundle = $entity->{$info['entity keys']['bundle']};

So it is explicitly failing if your bundle property is malformed on save, because it can't identify what type (bundle) is that.

There are many reason that this could fail, so you'll have to analyse it first.

(If you don't have drush, you may run the PHP code in /devel/php if Devel module is enabled).

  1. Check what's the value of bundle in entity keys section of array defined in entity information array via:

    drush eval 'print_r(entity_get_info("student"));'
  2. If it's type, then that means your entity which you're trying to save, it's missing type attribute.

The common mistake is usually to load the entity via entity_load() and trying to re-save it, but remember that return value is an array of entity objects indexed by their ids.

So the simple test to verify if your entity re-saving works correctly, it would be:

drush eval '$entity = entity_load("student", array(1)); entity_get_controller("student")->save(reset($entity))'

where student is your entity_type and 1 is your entity id.

If it's still doesn't work, clear the caches (entity_info_cache_clear()) or temporary edit your common.inc and dump (e.g. var_dump($entity); your $entity just before line with throw, and check what's passed into the function and investigate further why your bundle type is missing.

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