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i need to decrypt aes 128 ccm with a mic of 8 bytes using openssl, but my output is always empty, here is my code:

void aes(){
unsigned char * aad = extochar("0841000CF635DFAB74F06D40A6A30090");

unsigned char * cipher = extochar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
//unsigned char * mic = extochar("8f3829e8e76ee23c04f566189e63c686");
int cipher_size  = strlen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
unsigned char * key = extochar("C7134FD10709F028D63C2E05CBB4C16C");
unsigned char * nonce = extochar("0074F06D40A6A3000000000011");
int nonce_size = strlen("0074F06D40A6A3000000000011")/2;

int aad_size = strlen("0841000CF635DFAB74F06D40A6A30090")/2;
unsigned char plain[cipher_size];
int mic_size = 8;


// Just set the alg
EVP_DecryptInit(ctx, EVP_aes_128_ccm(), 0, 0);

// Set nonce size
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl(ctx, EVP_CTRL_CCM_SET_IVLEN, nonce_size, 0);

// Set the tag from the end of the encrypted array
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl(ctx, EVP_CTRL_CCM_SET_TAG, mic_size, cipher +sizeof(unsigned char)*(cipher_size -8));

// Set key and nonce
EVP_DecryptInit(ctx, 0, key, nonce);

int outl = 0;
// We will encrypt Psize bytes
EVP_DecryptUpdate(ctx, 0, &outl, 0, cipher_size);

// Add AAD for verification
EVP_DecryptUpdate(ctx, 0, &outl, aad, aad_size);

// Time to decrypt the data into D
EVP_DecryptUpdate(ctx, plain, &outl, cipher, cipher_size);

// Not sure if this is needed
EVP_DecryptFinal(ctx, &plain[outl], &outl);

int i;
for(i=0; i<cipher_size; i++)

the function extochar is the following:

char * extochar(char* string)
    unsigned char * out = malloc(sizeof(unsigned char)*strlen(string)/2);
    int i;
    for (i = 0; i < strlen(string)/2; i++)
        sscanf(&string[2*i], "%02x", (unsigned int *)(&out[i]));
    return out;

the plaintext should begin with

AA AA 03 00 00 00 08 00 45 00 01 A9 0F DC 40 00 40 06 E6 14 27 E9 64 63 D1 55 E5 BC 8F B4 14 6C

and the last test vector of this link works (i tested only that one, changing EVP_aes_128_ccm() to EVP_aes_256_ccm() and mic size to 16)

what's wrong? thanks a lot in advice!

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I have achieved GCM decryption in following steps. Please see if it can help you.

//Step 1: Set cipher.
retval  = EVP_DecryptInit (ctx, EVP_aes_128_gcm(), (const unsigned char *)key, (const unsigned char *)iv);
if(retval <= 0) {

//Step 2: Set tag. Extract the tag from the message if required.
retval  = EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl (ctx, EVP_CTRL_CCM_SET_TAG, taglen, (void *)tag);
if(retval <= 0) {

//Step 3: Add AAD.
retval  = EVP_DecryptUpdate (ctx, NULL, (int *)&len, (const unsigned char *)add, (int)aadlen);
if(retval <= 0) {

//Step 4: Decrypt the data.
buflen = 0;
retval  = EVP_DecryptUpdate (ctx, (unsigned char *)buf, (int *)&buflen, (const unsigned char *)inbuf, inbuflen);
if(retval <= 0) {

//This step is necessary
//If this step fails, means authentication fails.
retval  = EVP_DecryptFinal(ctx, (unsigned char *)buf + buflen, (int *)&buflen);
if(retval <= 0) {
  //Error and discard the decrypted data so far.

//Clean up.
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cleanup (ctx);
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