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I use CDI Observer pattern in my LanguageOfSystem bean.

@Named(value = "languageOfSystem")
public class LanguageOfSystem implements Serializable {

   @Inject private JsfUtils eeJsfUtils;
   @Inject private Event<LangEvent> langEvent;
   private LangEvent docLangEvent = new LangEvent();

where LangEvent is simply:

package jav;

import java.util.Locale;

public class LangEvent {
   private Locale locale;

   public Locale getLocale() {
      return locale;

   public void setLocale(Locale locale) {
      this.locale = locale;

Everything works fine, but NetBeans gives me a warning: enter image description here

Unstatisfied dependency: no bean matches the injection point.

Should I check or change something?

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No worries, the code is fine. It looks like this NetBeans bug.


@Named(value = "languageOfSystem")
public class LanguageOfSystem 

is already default and can be written as:

public class LanguageOfSystem 
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