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I'm trying to build a test suite using a JMetter. The web-service I'm tring to test speaks some custom-made protocol, and expressing my needs using regular expressions makes it very difficult.

Then I found the BSF Post processor, that allows me to execute some Java Script codes - and that's great.

But - what would be really awsome - is if I could make the assertions I want to do from the script body I provide the BSF post processor.

Can anybody point me to the right way to do it?


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You could try the BSF Assertion control - allows assertions to be made using BSF script code. It's much like the post processor really but it also sets up the AssertionResult variable which has the setFailure method.

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You could also try the new JSR 223 family as it will get better performances starting from JMeter 2.8 or current nightly build.

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