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This is a question particularly for Russian/Ukrainian languages but may be useful for other languages too.

Is there a possibility to retrieve word forms as raw data? To use in mobile application for example. These forms are present on the general wiki page. For example Forms of verb 'to be'. The same you can find for nouns Noun forms for 'apple' in Russian.

I need these forms with description of the form. What I mean is for example: to be - infinitive; am - first person singular, present time; are - first person plural, present time; etc.

So far I have found that only wiktionary.org provides such information for Russian language. It would be nice if someone could point me to some other services/dictionaries for Russian, Ukrainian and English.

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If you're interested to use Wiktionary, you can consider Wikokit which is an interface to parsed Wiktionary database.The English and Russian database dumps are available in their download section, but they also provide code/library (Java) for you to create your own database dump. They also provided (I think) the code/library for you to interface with the database, so you no longer have to deal with web services, since you have it running locally.

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