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I've been using Cocos2d V1 and Box2d that comes bundled with it. I'm trying to update to the newer version of Box2d which is Box2d V2.2.1.

I've updated the Gles-Render.h and Gles-Render.mm to the latest versions I did some changes that got rid of all the errors except one.

debugDraw = new b2Draw();

I get error:

ERROR: allocating an object of abstract type 'b2Draw'

I've been trying to fix this for two days now but to no prevail.

Any body have a solution to this?

any Pointers?

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Maybe you forgot to add the b2Draw class to your project. In addition I don't think you should be using b2Draw but GLESDebugDraw. At least the projects I work with use a GLES-Render file where a GLESDebugDraw class is defined which derives from b2Draw (which I believe was named b2DebugDraw in Box2D v2.1).

class GLESDebugDraw : public b2Draw

If in doubt, use someone else's GLES-Render files. You can get ones that are working with Box2D v2.2 from Kobold2D:


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