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I'm not sure if there's a question similar because i'm not sure what to search for but anyway.

After I do a query (that has 1 table), there are two ways which I check to see if a row was returned, either:

$a = $members->prepare("select userid from users where userid = ?");
$a->bind_param('s', $_SESSION['token']);
if ($a->num_rows == 1) {
    // do something


$b = $members->prepare("select userid from users where userid = ?");
$b->bind_param('s', $_SESSION['token']);
if (isset($uid)) {
    // do something

Which one is best to use to see if a row was returned? I thought that because num_rows is there for that purpose then it should be used, but you have to store the result set, so i'm not sure, thanks.

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The first option is probably the best. By the way, from php.net:

mysqli_store_result() returns FALSE in case the query didn't return a result set


This function also returns FALSE if the reading of the result set failed.

So you could also say:

if ($a->store_result()) {
    // do something
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Add LIMIT 0,1 to the sql query and you can use the one you prefer. But I prefer the first one.

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