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I ve got a collection users that look like this :

_id: myid,
name : 'blabla',
ia : {
       [0]-> 'an id',
       [1]-> 'a second id'

And i want to have only my first id of ia, so i tried something like that :

User.find({ _id: id, ia :{ key : indexia} }, ['ia']).populate('ia').run(rendu);

where id= myid, and indexia=0.

If i don t put that part : " ia :{ key : indexia}" i get all my ia... but i want only one.

Hope i was clear. Thanks

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I'm not sure I understand your request correctly. What exactly do you get, and what do you want to get? Do you have actual / expected JSON to post? – Pierre May 25 '12 at 19:12
My collection : { "_id": { "$oid" : "4fac50bda7087c0c14000001" }, "ia": [ "4fbec72f7f0257a815000004", "4fbed51b53795ffc06000001", "4fbee32403949f7c03000001" ], "mail": "", "name": "a", "password": "5267768822ee624d48fce15ec5ca79cbd602cb7f4c2157a516556991f22ef8c7b5ef7b18d1ff41c‌​59370efb0858651d44a936c11b7b144c48fe04df3c6a3e8da" } the info ive got : the user _id (4fac50bda7087c0c14000001) and the key reference of an ia :(the first, the second or the third). And i would like too retrieve an id of an ia, for exemple :4fbed51b53795ffc06000001 – user1418079 May 25 '12 at 19:53

The MongoDB find() command is intended to match an entire document.

When you run the following query

{ _id: id, ia :{ key : indexia} }

... this means "where _id equals id and ia equals the object {key:0}". That's probably not what you want.

If i don t put that part : " ia :{ key : indexia}" i get all my ia... but i want only one.

It sounds like you want to return a piece of a given document. The documentation for that is here. In your case it would look like this:

find({ _id: id}, { 'ia.0' : 1 })

The first part of the find will find the document. The second part will return specific fields.

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Thanks for your help It worker like that:

User.find({ _id: id }).only('ia').slice('ia', indexia, 1).populate('ia').run(rendu);

The only('ia') don t work, but not a big deal.

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Your collection appears to have the schema:

{ "_id" : "id",
  "ia"  : ["id1","id2","id3"],

In this case, the query to get just the first "id" of the "ia" field would be:

find({}, { "ia" : {$slice:1  } })

You can read more about $slice operator here. Mongoose documents its support for the $slice operator on the query page. Hope this helps!

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