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I am doing a presentation on how to make an app, and I found that using Dreamweaver and Phonegap is the easiest way. But I noticed that in CS6, it seems that they only want you to compile the app on their server, when I want to do it on my computer and send it right to an Android Phone. In Dreamweaver CS5.5, I was able to do everything locally, but now I have CS6 and that CS5.5 license was my school's. Any way to compile an Android app from Dreamweaver locally?

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My research on this subject indicates that Adobe has removed the feature to compile apps independently from DW6. Thankfully, I discovered this before I upgraded. With DWcs6, Adobe forces the developer to use their "build service".

If you find a workaround, post it. I, for one, would be interested.


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