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The "manage devices" page ( ) doesn't have the "Add new device" button. Do you know why and what can I do?


PS: this (unanswered) question deals with the same problem: Add Devices to Provisionning Profile?

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either the user you are logging-in is not a admin user and this user does not have rights to add device or you have exhausted your limit of adding 100 devices.

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Are you using Safari? I've had problems that other web browsers sometimes look like they're working, but they don't. Obviously, I assume you have not used up your max 100 devices and that you have all of your required certificates.

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Safari and Firefox. Same problem. I believe that the magic 100 was reached. But what annoys me is that the interface doesn't tell me so. It just hides the button. – gandralf May 25 '12 at 21:40

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