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I would like to turn off road/highway markings on google maps. I looked at and played with the wizard at However, any options I chose didn't turn off the road/highway markings. Ideally I would like to add my own paths (e.g. Airline flights) but the road markings throw them off.

Using the wizard, I got this:,-83.822497&zoom=9&format=png&sensor=false&size=640x480&maptype=roadmap&|visibility:on&style=hue:0x0099ff&style=element:labels|hue:0xff0000. I like this but I want to turn off all the road marking. Anyone know how to turn do this.

Thanks, BillN

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You can remove roads or roads labels using the style generator. If you are using the V3 javascript api. The style JSON would look like

[ { featureType: "road", stylers: [ { visibility: "off" } ] },{ } ]

Here's a static link with no roads.,-113.884277&zoom=7&format=png&sensor=false&size=640x480&maptype=roadmap&style=feature:road|visibility:off

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